A bathroom is a place where you can unplug from the outside world, relax in a nice bath or shower, and focus on yourself. It's where your days begin and your nights end. When that bathroom, on the other hand, gets obsolete or faulty, it becomes less of a getaway and more of an annoyance. Bathroom remodeling services from Pro Basement Finishing will increase the quality of your living space by providing you with a more comfortable refuge in a conventional, modern, or luxury rebuilt bathroom.

We've performed numerous bathroom renovation projects in the Winneconne area, so you can trust our design-build process, which fully incorporates our clients' thoughts and opinions.

We understand remodeling a bathroom can be a daunting task for you. We can take care of all of your bathroom design and basement remodeling needs.

Here are a few of the bathroom remodeling options available to you:

  • Installation of bathroom vanities, showers, and tubs
  • Conversions of tubs
  • Fixtures
  • Low water consumption and energy-efficient lighting, as well as sustainable woods and recycled glass countertops, make this a green bathroom
  • Walk-in showers
  • Frameless glass and unhinged shower doors
  • Jets on the walls for a spa-like experience
  • Steam Baths
  • Soaking tubs
  • Heated Floors

Designing a bathroom

Traditional, modern, and luxury bathroom design alternatives are available.


Has your family used, and possibly abused, your bathtub throughout the years? We can provide you with classic bathroom makeover ideas that will make your bathroom more pleasant and functional. Our designers can create a classic floor plan that meets the needs of your expanding or shrinking family.


A modern bathroom makeover project may have a significant impact on the appearance and feel of a space, as well as the value of a home. Even if the renovation simply affects the bathroom, replacing outdated fixtures, tile, and plumbing dramatically improves the look of a home.


We understand that some clients desire a bathroom that is more than just utilitarian. Homeowners often overlook the opportunity to express themselves in the bathroom, but we have a design team that can bring out your beautiful side in a luxury redesign. We collaborate with high-end manufacturers on anything from luxury spas to bathtubs that look like works of art. We know how to design your bathroom if you have a flair for luxury, especially to match a fresh bedroom remodel.

Why choose Pro Basement Finishing for your bathroom remodeling?

It's time for a bathroom redesign if you can't stand looking at those old tiles, poor shower and tub, and decades-old fixtures and faucets. The bathroom is a reflection of your style and personality. There's no need to be afraid of such a project because we have designers and builders who can take your concepts and expand on them to make them a reality. Rapidly and effectively.

Understanding your bathroom remodeling goals, drawing up numerous options at affordable price points to accomplish those goals, and then flawlessly executing the plan in a timely and laser-focused manner are all part of our process.

We'll bring in a design team to assist you to plan out your bathroom makeover, taking into account everything you want in your conventional, modern, or luxury bathroom. We've designed and transformed a wide range of bathrooms, from large to small, traditional to elegant. We understand which design components will function best in your setting.

We pass it over to our construction staff, which includes experts in everything from plumbing to electrical to carpentry after you've signed off on the design. You don't have to move out while we remodel your bathroom; we'll do everything we can to keep the disruption to your daily routine to a minimum.

How do we complete your bathroom remodeling?

Every stage of our bathroom remodeling procedure is focused on communication by our skilled bathroom remodeling staff. Every step of the way, here's what you can expect:

Consultation with no obligation. We'll send a professional to your house to talk about your project and take measurements. We don't believe in high-pressure sales tactics, so you can rely on us to just provide you with sound advice!

Pricing is straightforward. Once we've established your objectives, we'll give you a variety of options and costs for achieving them, all of which are cheap and within reach.

Make a schedule for your project. We appreciate your time and comfort when you choose to do business with us. Our professional bathroom remodelers will arrive on time and on schedule to complete your project.

Installation and pleasure. Our skilled workers will transform your bathroom, leaving you with a sparkling new bath, shower, and vanity, as well as a home that is cleaner than before we arrived. It's just that simple!

Give Pro Basement Finishing a call now to discuss your project and set up a no-obligation consultation! We would be delighted to assist you in realizing your dream house.