It happens regularly. When a family grows by one or two members (infants, older relatives, or college graduates who can't afford to live on their own), the house becomes too small. As a result, the homeowners find themselves in a terrible dilemma. Moving into a larger, more expensive space is one alternative. Hiring a contractor to construct an expansion is another option.

Why not use the underutilized space you currently have by converting a portion of your basement into a bedroom instead of seeking a bigger property or building a home addition? Finishing a basement to add a bedroom costs about half as much as adding on a room to your house. A basement-to-bedroom conversion will not take up any additional space in your yard.

Pro Basement Finishing can assist you in implementing this cost-effective method of increasing the size and value of your house. Schedule a free estimate with one of our dealers to get started on your basement finishing!

Hire a basement finishing professional to assure the success of your project.

A basement bedroom project can be completed by a variety of finishing and remodeling contractors. However, rather than employing a contractor that performs basement work on occasion, you should hire a contractor who ONLY DOES BASEMENTS. Basement specialists include companies like Pro Basement Finishing, which is part of the Basement Systems network.

Even if the basement needs waterproofing and dehumidification before finish work can begin, Pro Basement Finishing's basement specialist has the training, tools, and materials to complete your basement bedroom project from start to finish.

A larger window is required by law.

Local building rules in most locations mandate that every bedroom include at least one "egress window" large enough to allow the room inhabitants to escape in the case of a fire.

Because a code-compliant egress window is required in a basement bedroom, one of the first things your contractor will do is install one.

Using a special concrete saw, the installation is normally done by extending an existing basement window aperture. Your contractor will also construct a larger window far outside the house, one with steps to assist an easy evacuation, in addition to the new larger window.

Metal or site-built window wells are superior to precast window wells constructed of reinforced plastic.

For the best-possible bedroom, insist on the complete package.

By bringing in plenty of natural light, a wide window in the basement will completely transform the room. To keep with the high-end motif, go for basement-specific building materials.

1. The following are the characteristics of our basement walls:

  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Mold resistance
  • Beautiful
  • Cleaning is a breeze.

Remember that rigid foam, rather than fiberglass batts, should be used to insulate basement walls since it won't collect moisture, support mold, or lose its R-value like fiberglass may. Instead of wood studs and normal paper-faced gypsum boards, metal studs and waterproof, mold-resistant wall boards should be used.

2. Flooring in the Basement:

  • Luxury vinyl flooring
  • It has the appearance of ceramic tile or wood
  • Will not be harmed by water
  • Extremely long-lasting
  • Cleaning is a breeze

For all of our basement finishing projects, including basement to bedroom conversions, Pro Basement Finishing uses cutting-edge equipment. Our dealers have years of expertise in finishing a basement bedroom in a home. Schedule a free estimate with the Pro Basement Finishing contractor now.

Things to keep in mind for a perfect basement bedroom finishing

Although not all of the finishes you choose for your home's higher levels will operate the same way in the basement, you may still have both comfort and functionality. Consider these strategies for creating a pleasant and appealing environment you won't want to save only for visitors if your basement renovation project includes a new basement bedroom.

1. Insulation is essential.

When it comes to keeping a pleasant temperature and improving energy efficiency in a basement bedroom, insulation is a critical first concern. It will be well worth the extra money to invest in high-quality insulation. Noises that would normally travel between your new room and the rest of the house are also muffled by insulation.

2. Ensure that the layout is set up correctly.

Allow adequate space for the bed to be positioned against an interior wall, which will be warmer in the winter and even in the summer if the room is below grade level than an exterior wall.

3. Increase the visible area.

To create a sense of more openness and space, use light, color, vertical patterns, and mirrors.

4. Select a warm shade for the walls.

Even in the absence of natural light, warm, golden tones may produce a cheerful glow and vibe.

5. Pick a ceiling that maintains a sense of unity.

Basement ceiling options range from a drywall ceiling with decorative beams or crown moulding for a more polished design to an industrial or rustic look with unfinished beams. In any case, think about how your pick will mix in with the rest of the house so you don't feel like you've stepped into another world when you enter the basement.

6. Check to see if the flooring is suitable for use in basements.

Certain flooring materials, such as wool carpet or hardwood, should not be used in basements due to moisture and temperature changes. Discuss choices with your contractor that are appropriate for your location. Popular flooring options include laminates, polished concrete, area rugs, tile, and synthetic carpet.

7. Select the appropriate lighting.

Lighting goes a long way toward creating a nice, comfortable ambiance, especially in basement rooms with little natural light. Throughout the day, alternatives are provided by a combination of bedside lighting, wall sconces, overhead lamps, and recessed lighting.

8. Ensure that an emergency exit is available.

If the room is to be used as a bedroom, an escape route (egress window) is not only a lifesaver but is also required by code. Don't underestimate the value of additional natural light in a gloomy environment.

9. Don't forget to include a touch of luxury.

Luxurious bedding is a simple way to give your guests that extra something to make them feel pampered and unique.

Pro Basement Finishing is here to assist you in creating your ideal finished basement bedroom. Give us a call right now! Homes in the Winneconne are served by us. Don't forget, we do more than just bedrooms, we can provide a full family living room finish project if need be.